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The role of email in your multichannel eDocument strategy

Published on 13 Nov 2014
Push Your Secure Electronic Documents Everywhere

The beauty of ‘Push’ is that it can go everywhere! No more lost documents!  In fact, everywhere also means your secure electronic customer communications can be delivered anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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This month CCM Insight explores the role of email in a  multichannel distribution strategy and how it powers eDocument retrieval.

The role of email in your multichannel eDocument distribution and retrieval strategy

Email is continuing to grow as the customer’s channel of choice for electronic document delivery.  This is because it is convenient, easy to use and can be accessed on multiple devices…

But what about history or a lost document?

The beauty of pushing documents via email is that it expands your options for retrieval. Not only can you save them locally, but they can also be stored in an online document repository and later retrieved by the customer from their preferred digital device.

Document Retrieval

Some examples of where eDocument retrieval is useful:

  • Link to the electronic documents from an existing customer portal
  • Link to ‘View History’ from within the eDocument attachment
  • Financial agent retrieving, presenting and downloading eStatements on behalf of clients
  • Call center agent searching and resending a customer’s eDocument
  • Push a bulk copy of the eDocuments to the Biller
  • Push from the eDocument repository into other portals e.g. Consolidators, banking portals

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