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Customer experience management is now a top priority for telecommunications companies

Published on 03 Jul 2020

OTTs are grabbing a fat share of the telecommunications market, creating new user experiences and ultimately driving change in customer needs and expectations. As such, disruption has become a major challenge for telecom operators, who, in order to survive and succeed are having to become more customer centric. This means that not only do operators have to focus on agility, efficiency and network quality, but customer experience in telecommunications has also become a key priority.

A global telecommunications study by EY shows that customer experience management is emphatically the top priority for operators, with 68% of participants citing it as the number one strategic priority for their organizations, while 82% viewed it as a top-three consideration over the next three years.”

Telecoms providers must enhance CX through personalized and relevant communication. 

Source: EY

And Customer experience management has become the center of gravity for all strategic decision-making.” 

The new digital consumer demands convenient, high quality and seamless omnichannel experiences from their providers, and as cited in the same global telecommunications study:

“ If you are customer-centric and provide value, keep your customers happy and anticipate their future needs, you will thrive. If you can’t do that, you will become a dumb, wholesale connectivity provider.”


So, how can telecom operators make a significant impact on customer experience, now?

Customers expect to engage digitally with their telco provider and in a manner that is meaningful to their experience.

The best and quickest way a telecoms provider can make an impact on customer experience, is by improving their digital customer communication. That said, it may not be possible for telcos to overhaul all of their communications at once. But, replacing the paper bill with a digital one that includes valuable data and insights, personalized to the customer’s activity, is a great place to start.

Receiving information that is relevant and hyper personalized is already a major improvement in customer experience. Making the best use of available data to help the customer better understand their own usage, will not only improve the customer experience, but increase engagement too.

And, in the EY’s global communications study,  it is noted that customization has an important role to play in improving customer experience “with 34% of respondents deeming service personalization their number one customer centricity initiative, the highest of any category.”

James Hall

James Hall

Commercial Director, UK

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