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Are utilities immune to the changing expectations of today's digital customers?

Published on 29 Apr 2019

Utilities need a digital transformation strategy that delivers a great customer experience

To compete in today’s competitive environment, organizations need to focus on customer experience (CX) as a key part of their digital transformation journey.  Those that don’t offer a seamless customer experience across channels, risk having their customers move across to a brand that does.

But, is this the case in all industries? Take utilities for example: are water, gas and electricity providers really at risk of losing customers . . . considering there is often no direct competition?

Our experts opinion:

The utility sector is not immune to the changing expectations of today’s digital customers. Heightened consumer awareness, new technology and environmental pressures are some of the main drivers of change in utilities. With alternatives that offer cleaner and more efficient living, like solar power, wind and ESCOs, the ‘power’ is increasingly in the hands of the consumer.  

Utility providers need to have a digital transformation strategy that enhances the customer experience. A great CX will drive engagement, build better relationships and increase the  perception of personal value.

A major factor in a great CX is digital communication. Utilities need to change the way they communicate with their customers – something as simple as knowing a customer’s preferred channel of communication for a particular message or task, goes a long way. Customers want a personalized experience, with customized offers, services and products.

Elizabeth Stephen

Elizabeth Stephen

VP of Customer Engagement, The Americas

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