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Why you are on this page

Striata distributed your digital document via email on behalf of your service provider. Part of the service we provide to our clients is tracking email opens, as well as clicks on hyperlinks. This information is only used for the purpose of statistical analysis and accessed exclusively by your service provider (bank, insurer etc), for which the email was sent.

The URL in the email directed you to our website to facilitate this tracking only.

Who is Striata?

Striata provides strategy, software and professional services that enable digital communication across multiple channels and devices. We are experts in message design, generation, security, delivery and storage. Clients use our technology and services to encrypt, send and store confidential documents; execute integrated marketing campaigns and distribute high volume electronic communications.

Privacy and security

We will never sell your data and are fully committed to keeping your details safe and secure in accordance with data privacy regulations. You can review our Privacy and Security Policy here for additional information.

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