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Trending: electronic delivery with highly secure and feature-rich messages

Published on 07 Oct 2014
The Latest Trends In The CCM Space

What’s the latest in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) space?

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Trending: electronic delivery with highly secure and feature-rich messages

The market today is making a notable shift from paper toward digital. Likewise, the CCM landscape is changing from a print heritage into the digital space. As the image below indicates, the market shift toward digital also brings a higher demand for interactivity and security.

Striata's email messaging range

Are the digital models on offer generating the desired result? Not really. Most solutions  today are ‘pull’ based websites that demand action by customers to navigate a series of security gates in order to fetch  documents. Most companies that offer this as the only digital solution are experiencing a plateau in adoption rates as  only early adopters and a few laggers have signed up.

In this graph, Infotrends indicates a decline in adoption of this ‘pull’ model while the market ‘pushes’ for email and mobile solutions instead.

Mobile and email attachements

How do we meet the market demands for highly secure digital solutions?

Our digital heritage means that Striata Secure Electronic Customer Communications are digitally built from the ground up, delivering:

  • The highest level of security & authentication
  • Quick ROI and paper turn off as messages are ‘pushed’ directly to the customer
  • Ubiquity: messages that are optimized for all devices, all mail clients and all operating systems

Where are you placed?

Is your current digital offering delivering the right results…

  • Are your customers demanding a better digital experience?
  • Does the question of going digital raise security concerns?
  • Are you getting the adoption results from your current solutions?
  • How are you positioned to meet the ever growing mobile demand?

We can help you create an optimal paperless strategy that is quick to implement, achieves rapid results and will get your customers to turn off paper for good.

Improve the customer experience with secure document delivery today


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