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Striata continues to lead the market with innovative eBilling solutions

Published on 07 Jun 2011
Introducing Striatas New Interactive PDF eBill And Mobile One Click Payment

In this month’s edition of eBilling Insight we look at how Striata continues to innovate with a focus on customer convenience through ease of use.

Striata’s new mobile one click payment is an industry first, bringing one click eBill payment to the ever growing mobile email market. Our next generation Interactive PDF bill solution will enable our clients to deliver improved marketing capability, whilst enriching their customers’ email Billing experience.

Michael Wright (Striata CEO) presented a live demo of our new Interactive PDF eBill and mobile one click payment at a financial technology innovation conference (FinovateEurope) in London a few years ago. Watch this video to see how this new technology has further enhanced the billing experience and how mobile one click payment is set to change the way bills are viewed and paid in the future.

Striata’s clients experience a positive ROI within three months. Our Biller Direct ‘Push’ Model boasts the highest customer adoption rates against any other eBilling model on the market today by maximizing customer convenience. Furthermore, we are now future-proofed to meet the growing demand for mobile solutions.