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Send customer information safely in a secure, encrypted email attachment

Published on 15 Jun 2014
Know The Difference Between Protecting Information In An Email And Protecting Information In An Attachment

Email as a channel has to date NOT been a secure method of communication which is why it wasn’t, and still isn’t, a good idea to use email to send personal information like identification numbers or bank account details.

eBilling Insight discusses how to email customer information safely and the difference between protecting information in an email and protecting information in an attachment…

Whether the sender is an organization such as a Bank or Biller or an individual; confidential information should not be included in the body of an email. Instead, it should be inside an encrypted attachment, protected with a password or shared secret. This has become standard practice in most financial services sectors and should be in other industries.


Google driving Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Google’s wants to make Transport Layer Security (TLS) a standard amongst mail senders. It would be great to know that your personal information inside an email is protected. But even with Google driving, it does only protect one leg of the journey.

With the rise in identity theft and the increasing sophistication of cyber-crimes, many companies are working and collaborating to close the gap of easy to use, person-to-person email security

Striata is not one of the companies working on rolling out person-to-person email encryption.

We send 3 types of emails on behalf of our clients to their customers:

Our customers know that it’s bad practice to include confidential or personally identifiable information inside the body of a marketing, loyalty or transactional email.

Prevention is the best approach to avoid unlawful interception of personal information. Simply don’t put it in the body of an email.

We can help you email your customers’ documents safely – let’s chat…

Improve the customer experience with secure document delivery today


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