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Send ALL your customer correspondence via email - it's easy

Published on 03 Dec 2013
Get Your Customers To Switch All Correspondence To Email And Reap The Paperless Benefits

The first thing you probably think about when cutting your paper costs is turning off paper bills and statements and sending them via email instead…

But what about all other forms of customer correspondence?

To truly realize great savings from paper turn off, why not get consent to start sending general correspondence via email too? eBilling Insight looks at the benefits of of sending all your customer correspondence via email.

Send ALL your customer correspondence via email – it’s easy

The key to successful paper turn-off is not just in replacing paper documents with electronic versions but the key is to ‘push’ them to your customers.

Benefits of sending your customer correspondence via email:

  • True paper turn off – save on cost
  • Enables personalization of the document
  • Additional security available if required – encrypted and password protected

Striata’s eDocument delivery solution is ideal for all your customer correspondence.

It’s about paper turn off, reaching customers via their preferred communication channel and realizing the significant cost savings.

Our one click eConsent process makes going paperless easy for your customer – ask them to turn off all forms of paper correspondence with just one click.

Go paperless in one click

What about security?

Should the documents you’re sending be confidential in nature, you can add encryption and password protect them to ensure security and privacy is maintained.

Your customers can unlock these secured documents with a ‘shared secret’ – information known by both parties

Shared secret

Ready to get your customers to switch all correspondence to email, so you can reap the paperless benefits? Let’s chat…