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InfoTrends Webinar - The Key Findings

Published on 03 Feb 2016
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Matt Swain, Director at analyst firm InfoTrends, recently delivered an informative webinar focused on paperless adoption. He discussed new research conducted for the white paper, entitled: Pushing Paperless Adoption to the Next Level with Email Delivery. Three companies that chose to use Striata’s secure document delivery solution as the way to meet their paperless needs are featured in this paper.

What were the findings?

PUSH eDelivery helps companies:

Reduce costs

1. Reduce the Costs of Print and Mail

A global technology company had only 4% of its customers opt in to receive electronic invoices through its portal. It decided to add Striata’s PUSH solution and now experiences 18% adoption, with continued adoption expected.

Improve experience

2. Improve the Customer Experience

National Grid chose to add Striata’s PUSH solution to help improve customer communication, thereby driving long-term customer satisfaction.

Modernize billing processes

3. Modernize the Billing Process

Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA) lacked a web portal and needed an eBilling solution for its customers. It started with zero paperless customers and because of Striata’s solution is now at 30% adoption.

So what about you? Is your company having a difficult time increasing paperless adoption? Do you have a strategy to hit your paperless goals? If your answer is no to both of these questions, we suggest you follow InfoTrends’ advice:

  • Do a reality check. Review your current and historic paperless delivery adoption rates and compare those against your goals. If your goals are aggressive, or your achievements are below expectations, consider a transformative approach to achieving them.
  • Provide customers with options. Customer preferences vary when it comes to how they interact with their service providers. Consequently, it is critical for businesses to have a suite of communications delivery (and bill payment) options available for customers to choose from.
  • Consider PUSH email. PUSH delivery helped interviewees reduce costs, increase paperless adoption rates, and improve the customer communications experience. Connect with vendors of email delivery and payment solutions to learn more about their solutions and how they can help you achieve your goals.

For more details on how to add email as a channel to gain more paperless customers, read the white paper now or view the webinar

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InletStriata recently teamed with Inlet, a secure digital document delivery platform created by a joint venture between Pitney Bowes and Broadridge. The alliance enables both companies to add even more digital delivery capabilities to their existing eDelivery offerings, which allows clients to maximize their paperless adoption numbers.