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Email receipts: now you can connect with your in-store customers online

Published on 05 Feb 2013
Striata Email Receipts

Transform a simple log of purchase into a powerful email trigger – send your customer’s receipt via email. The advantages span from you, the retailer, to your customer, which makes it a solution that benefits everyone in the supply chain.

eBilling Insight reviews Striata’s brand new eReceipts Solution Overview document.

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With the ever-increasing number of email enabled mobile phones in the market, eReceipts are a perfect vehicle to make your way into the hands of the consumer.

Benefits of email receipts

Benefits: Retailer

  • Lower paper costs
  • Email address collection – legitimate reason to request
  • email address from customers
  • Cross-sell opportunities
  • Improved customer service
  • Updated details for current customers

Benefits: Consumer

  • Easy storage and retrieval of receipts for warranties,
  • repair or returns
  • Simple to claim back company expenses
  • Tax returns are made easier
  • Digital copies of receipts to any email enabled device
  • No more bits of paper in the purse!

Striata email receipts – how it works:

Email Receipts Process

Switching to email retail receipts will enhance your customers’ experience. Increase your exposure with targeted marketing to drive sales, build loyalty and garner strong customer relationships. Keen to know more?