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Email - it's more than just a pretty face

Published on 09 Dec 2015
EMarketing Add Depth To Your Email Marketing Through Integration

Email is still the best digital channel for ROI, so why aren’t marketers and businesses not taking advantage of its full potential yet?

Marketers are under constant pressure to – get to market sooner; generate website traffic; increase product sales and lead generation; all within ever shrinking campaign turnaround times and high ROI targets (In this digital world, where ROI is even more of a factor, you can’t even whisper the word ‘digital’ in a boardroom without someone demanding to see the latest returns)

What’s missing?

Email campaigns are now created in minutes. ‘Pretty’ images are dropped into generic template sets that were bought online – quick and easy right? But, the question is, did that email campaign meet ROI targets or add value to the customer? The email design and pretty pictures are important, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What is being compromised by going with the pretty generic email?

More often than not, the campaign most likely lacked the basics, such as database segmentation or relevant content. But, what’s actually missing is the backend development, that lets you close the communication loop and provide a good customer experience beyond the email or inbox.

To sum it up, an ESP must focus on integrating your email marketing efforts with your internal business requirements or CRM systems, where adding value to the customer is a key focus.

Here are some examples of how you can achieve effective email marketing through integration:

An email survey that was quick and easy to create from a list of pre-loaded questions


An email survey that is optimized for mobile, where the focus is on the development and format of the data captured – which customers don’t see. What about including real time access to insight from the survey? Or have the responses represented in a visual format for easy analysis?
A Call Me Back lead form is developed to allow for lead generation from the email campaign


A Call Me Back lead form that asks the customer for suitable call back times and those responses are then automatically dropped on the dialler at the call center. This shows that the quality of the lead is the most important thing and that is why it was considered and built into the design elements.
An urgent policy change notification sent via email to ensure that the delivery of the communication can be recorded for audit purposes


An urgent policy change notification where the customer can accept or dispute the changes from within the document. With built in automated resend functionality, to ensure policy holders are sent an SMS and resent the notification in the event of non-delivery. The final undelivered list is securely fed into the outbound contact center, so customers can be notified of the communication, even if their email didn’t reach them.

Any digital communications company can send emails with just a pretty face. We pride ourselves however in going the extra mile by providing business efficiency for our clients, while ensuring a good, valuable experience for their customers. We understand that it’s the backend that counts.

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