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eBilling gains momentum in Canada as businesses look for new ways to go green

Published on 25 Mar 2008
Small Changes In Consumer Behavior Big Impact On The Environment

With Canadian consumers demanding more environmentally friendly options, Canadian businesses are discovering that eBilling is one of the most cost effective and simplest ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

According to ebilling expert, Wayne Sperry, General Manager of PresentPay, consumers are showing strong demand for PresentPay’s paperless bill presentment that allows consumers to view and pay their bills directly from their email inbox. “We see ebilling quickly becoming the norm in Canada and completely replacing paper billing within our lifetime.”

The premise is simple. Consumers opt to receive their monthly bills as secure, navigable & payment enabled PDF’s that they can review when checking their email. For consumers who are drowning in paper, it’s much more convenient, and the cumulative impact on the environment is staggering.

Small changes in consumer behavior, big impact on the environment

A study by Javelin Strategy & Research and the Electronic Payments Association, calculates that the environmental impact of every American household choosing to view and pay its bills online would include a 2.1 million ton reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and 800,000 tons less solid waste going in to U.S. landfills annually.

The environmental factor was a big draw for the early adaptors – billers, banks, utilities, telecommunications, and insurance companies. However, you can’t be in business today without being environmentally aware. Your customers are watching how you do business, and so is the government.

For any company whose business model involves regular communication with customers, eBilling is definitely one of the fastest, most cost effective ways to make your business more eco-friendly. Removing paper invoices and statements from your billing cycle reduces significant operating costs, quickly returns your investment and dramatically reduces your company’s carbon footprint.

The Canadian market is poised to accept paperless billing

With North American internet penetration continuing to climb, and now at over 70% (representing more than 330-million regular users), the conditions are clearly in place for eBilling to quickly take off and become the standard way to receive bills.

What makes eBilling so probable is that it is just good business. Here in Canada, Winnipeg software services company, IBEX, a PresentPay client who recently switched from delivering paper pay slips to electronic ones, is already experiencing some of the rewards of leading the eBill movement.

“We do consider ourselves a progressive company, but paperless statements and eBilling makes sense for most businesses, because everyone benefits. We save money; it’s more convenient for our customers and with every statement that we send electronically, we are helping to save the environment. This earns us even more customer loyalty,” says Darryl Stewart, who prefers to be called the “Head of the Herd” rather than CEO – another sign of their progressive approach to business.

The “What’s in it for me” for business

Striata provides similar services to an ever growing list of clients in the U.S and financial institutions across seven countries on four continents.

While many businesses attempted to go paperless by drawing customers to their websites, consumers prefer to have bills, invoices, and statements delivered to them via email. Many of Striata’s clients have unfortunately learned this the hard way and sadly only turned to us after discovering that their customers were not going to go chasing after their bills, even if they could do it in their pajamas. This is because the implementation of pushing bills and statements to customers costs a fraction of what it costs to implement a web portal, and with high paper turn off rates, businesses can reduce their billing costs by up to 80%.