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A North American Utility Email Billing Case Study

Published on 05 Apr 2005
A North American Utility Email Billing Case Study

A North American Utility Email Billing Case Study

NSTAR, a large electric utility in MA, recently undertook a pilot initiative using Striata to deliver its electric bills to residential customers via secure email, and to introduce a revolutionary new ability to take check payments directly from within the email bill.

Please find following the initial feedback of a survey responded to by over 25% of the pilot group of customers. These customers were surveyed in the third month of the project.

NStar“NSTAR Email Billing Pilot Case Study”

Pilot objectives:

  • To truncate all paper for pilot group
  • To test and prove that required formats can be delivered
  • To measure speed & deliverability
  • To test selected pilot participant responses
  • To refine the data delivery process
  • To refine the unsubscribe process
  • To gain internal business approval
  • To fully close the in-email payment process and test customer acceptance and usage of this payment option

The Payment Solution: (In conjunction with our payment partner, Transactis)Transactis

  • ACH Check payment directly from within the eMail Bill
  • No pre-registration
  • One click payment
  • Confirmation screen
  • 2 confirmation emails

General results:

  • Over 91% paper truncation, less than a 9% unsubscribe rate
  • 98% email deliverability (paper bills were automatically generated for email failures.)

Herewith the results of the customer survey conducted in March:

  • 22% of customers responded to email survey in the first 4 days (Over 27% after 14 days)
  • “How would you rate you NSTAR Email Bill”- 77% responded EXCELLENT or GOOD
  • “Was the Email Bill easy to pay”- 78% said YES
  • “Would you like NSTAR to offer Email Billing on a permanent basis”- 92% responded YES

Payment results:

  • 19% of recipients paid their bill on the SAME DAY they received it
  • 68% paid in less than 10 days from receipt of the Email Bill

With almost 70% paying in less than 10 days and an unbelievable 19% paying on the same day of receipt, this has an incredible impact on cash flow, in particular Day’s Receivables. The vast majority (over 50%) paid this bill before the paper would have reached their mail box.

Some actual sample customer feedback:

  • “Excellent idea – I wish you offered permanently! Bring it back!”
  • “Not receiving a paper statement is the best way to do things. People do not want to have a paper statement.”
  • “It is more convenient and I am less likely to lose the bill and not pay on time”
  • “I don’t want to go back to paper. Please continue.”
  • “Your pay service was excellent. Very convenient and easy to navigate! I hope you continue with this service”
  • “I hate all the paper bills I get. I would much rather get the email bill.”
  • “This program is a great way to save time and paper. Hope you bring it back.”
  • “Please keep this active!!!”
  • “Loved Email Bill. It was quick and easy. I’m disappointed to see it end.”
  • “Very practical, user friendly, good idea. Being in Massachusetts or in Florida, don’t matter anymore. My electric bill is always at my finger tips.”
  • “Email Bill worked fine for me. I work nights and paying by email bill was great. Instead of taking my lunch hour to run to the post office I can just send my payment through email bill paying system.”

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information in this regard.

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