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7 Ways to ensure your email doesn't land in the SPAM can

Published on 26 Mar 2013
Dont Let Your Emails Be Stopped By Spam Filters

If your email ‘looks’ like spam, your customers are probably marking it as spam. As a result, your campaign will most likely start off with a good deliverability rate, but this will deteriorate rapidly as the filters ‘learn’ from their users.

So, how do you structure your email? This month eMarketing Insight looks at 7 ways you can avoid your emails being marked as spam.

7 Ways to ensure your email doesn’t land in the SPAM can

 Remove misunderstood 'spammy' words and avoid using excessive punctuation or CAPS. Identify yourself in the FROM field. Subject line must accurately describe the content. Have the correct balance of images and test. You'll want to send it as a Multi-part MIME email (HTML and Text versions) Make your email short, so it is easy to read. Ensure you have an unsubscribe link, you really don't want recipients clicking the spam button instead. Always remember to test, test, test.

Here are 2 extra tips to help you build a good reputation:

Tip 1: Test your email to ensure a successful send

  • Start with your content – test your email copy using the many free tools available
  • Test the entire email as a package – monitor inbox open rates and preview emails in multiple email clients.

You should test sending time, day of the week, subject lines, pre-header and not forget about your CTA (Call To Action)

Tip 2: Adjust and take action with the Feedback Loop

A Feedback Loop is a mechanism provided by the top ISPs, which reports back to the sender whenever a mail is reported as “spam” or “junk” by the customer. The sender then has enough information to unsubscribe the recipient. By entering into the agreement (Feedback Loop via your ISP) you commit to monitor and take action on complained email addresses, which increases your reputation and ensures your emails are legitimate.

Email delivered to customer inbox > Customer clicks on 'SPAM' button > ISP generates an email that is sent to the sender > Sender confirms that the email was sent and unsubscribes the customer

If you are concerned that your emails are being stopped by spam filters, then get advice from an eMarketing specialist

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