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5 Reasons why email is effective in customer lifecycle communications

Published on 20 Jun 2013
Customer Lifecycle Communications Personalized Messages Automatically Triggered

Customer lifecycle communications (CLC) is trigger based communications in the form of personalised messages, automatically sent to customers on a special date, after an interaction or during an event.

In this edition of eMarketing Insight, we look at 5 reasons why email is effective in customer lifecycle communications. View our great infographic here:

5 Reasons why email is effective in customer lifecycle communications

1. Relevant, engaging, personalised

You can easily communicate the right information at the right time and when the customer expects it. Email communications can be personalised and include clear and engaging calls to action.

2.Non invasive

A customer can choose when they want to open, view and read your mail.

3. Segmented and targeted

You have the ability to segment your base according to purchases, lifestyle, significant events (Birthday) and geographic location – allowing you to send targeted and relevant communications.

4. Flexible, nimble, tactical and automated

With email you have the ability to be more flexible, nimble and tactical in your approach, compared to above the line promotions.

5. Cost effective and measurable

Email is the most cost effective form of communication compared to all other elements within your promotions mix. There is also the ability to measure the impact of email on sales, profits, customer activity and then ultimately your ROI.

Customer lifecycle communications is an important component in engaging customers and increasing loyalty to your brand.

Below is an example of a customer lifecycle communication process with some generic triggers:

Customer Lifecycle Communication Process

If you want to know more about leveraging the power of email to drive successful customer lifecycle communications, then get in touch with us.

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