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Customer data collection

Use email or text messaging to gather new or updated information directly from your customers. Our solutions help you manage responses from customers; such as ‘update your details‘ campaigns, simple event invitations, opinion polls and customer surveys.

As data specialists, we have the solutions to match your information gathering requirements, capturing leads, ‘contact me’ requests and question responses.

As integration specialists, we provide the resulting data in an appropriate format back to your systems where it can provide the most value.

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Use digital communication to get feedback from your customers

Improve engagement with your customers with data collection campaigns:


Leverage our years of digital communication experience and understanding of messaging best practice to help you get the customer information you need to meet your business goals.



Get customers to respond to your campaigns and help build a data-rich picture of each individual, which you can then use to further customize your communications. Customers will provide feedback if you use the right channel, know how to ask and make it easy to respond.

Multichannel distribution

Different digital channels are better suited to different types of response-based communications. For example, a customer poll can be efficiently done by SMS. A longer set of questions are best presented by email. An event invitation can be presented creatively by email and followed up by SMS to prompt an RSVP or provide further information.


We present campaign response data in a visual manner, to make it easy for you to quickly see the results. We also provide responses in the format required by the system that needs to consume the data – be it your CRM system or the outbound call dialler in your contact center.