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White paper: The role of CX in the battle for financial services customers

White paper: The role of CX in the battle for financial services customers

The financial services industry continues to experience the highest levels of disruption. This is true in varying degrees across banking, wealth management, payments, insurance, and other providers. 

What customers value in a bank, insurer or asset manager has fundamentally changed

Customers are signing up with challenger banks and giving non-traditional financial services companies a chance. 

In part because legacy providers haven’t been able to innovate fast enough. This leaves the door wide open for disruptors to entice their customers away with better customer experience.

Get our white paper for insight into the current state of financial services and how CX can help financial services companies win back lost customers.

Learn more about:

  • Why established FS brands are under threat
  • The threats: Big Tech, Fintech, Insurtech . . .
  • How the FS industry rates themselves on CX maturity
  • Why FS companies must focus on CX
  • Why FS companies can’t afford to delay CX enhancements?
  • How relationships can’t be built without communication
  • The first steps to winning back customers

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“One in three millennials in the US are open to switching banks in the next 90 days and a similar proportion believes they will not even need a bank in the future” – Viacom Media Networks

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