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Striata powers eBilling & ePolicy distribution at PURE

Published on 14 Dec 2010
Innovative Secure And Convenient eDelivery Solution

Striata a global eDocuments, eBilling and eMarketing software application developer, today announced the successful completion and launch of a new eDelivery program for client Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE). PURE, a reciprocal insurer dedicated to meeting the personal insurance needs of successful families, is anticipating increased customer convenience and satisfaction, as well as cost savings, following the introduction of Striata’s eBilling and ePolicies solution. The new program, developed with the aid of Striata’s payment partner Online Resources, enables the electronic delivery of policies and bills directly to PURE policyholders (members) and agents.

“The benefits of eDelivery for our members and agents are numerous,” said Stuart Tainsky, senior vice president and chief information officer with PURE. “This solution empowers our members to select an innovative, secure, convenient method for receiving their PURE policy documents and bills, and provides our agents additional options for how they conduct their new business transactions. We are confident that the opt-in rate for eDelivery among our new and existing members will be significant.”

Through its multiple policy lines, which include home, automobile, jewelry, art, personal liability and watercraft, PURE offers comprehensive insurance solutions to successful individuals and families. PURE is dedicated to providing exceptional service to meet the unique needs of its high-net-worth client base. Striata’s PUSH eBilling solution delivers entire eBills as encrypted PDF attachments directly to members’ email inboxes. The PDF is easily forward to third parties, which is an additional benefit for members who may consult with wealth managers or other trusted advisors on financial matters. Striata’s secure solutions sets also enable agents to take an active role in policy delivery by allowing PURE to send a copy of a member’s policy directly to their agent by the agent’s request.

“PURE has a commitment to providing our agents and members with the best service possible while using the most secure means available in the marketplace,” said Tainsky. “In this case, that means providing additional options to our members as we offer them an innovative way to pay their bills directly from a PDF sent to their inbox. For our agents, this means offering an elevated ease of doing business by empowering them to decide how involved they wish to be in the delivery of documents to their clients.”

PURE has set an aggressive paperless adoption goal, and aims for the majority of new and existing members to elect to receive their policy documents electronically. With the assistance of its agents, PURE is utilizing opt-in emails in order to migrate existing clients onto the new paperless model. “PURE’s ambitious strategy and excellent internal cooperation is yielding very high paperless adoption rates,” said Toren. “Typically, we have not seen many insurance companies use such an effective combination of opt-in and opt-out emails to encourage their clients to sign up for eDelivery. PURE’s efficient approach to driving customer adoption of eBills and ePolicies has clearly set the bar for other insurance companies.”

About PURE

PURE refers to Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange, a member insurer of the PURE Group of Insurance Companies. Licensed in 17 markets, PURE provides coverage for high-value homes, automobiles, jewelry, art, personal liability and watercraft to successful individuals and families. PURE is a member-owned reciprocal insurer and is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company. PURE is committed to helping its members reduce the price of insurance today while controlling the long-term cost of risk. PURE Risk Management LLC serves as the attorney-in-fact for PURE. For more information, click here.