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Striata Launches New-Generation Secure Document Presentation

Published on 12 Jul 2017
Striata Launches New Generation

NEW YORK, NY – JULY, 12 2017 – Striata, a global leader in Customer Communications Management software and document security technologies, today announced the launch of its innovative, next-generation solution for the presentation of interactive documents online.

“This follows the launch last year of our Secure Document Repository (SDR) solution, which provides the ability to effectively safeguard on-line documents containing highly sensitive financial and personal information,” said Striata CEO Michael Wright. “Secure Document Presentation (SDP) is an augmentation of that solution, which enables the presentation of a document as an interactive, dynamic web or mobile app experience. The document contents are secured, available online, and viewed via a browser or mobile application.”

The solution is a highly secure method of providing online access to information contained in confidential documents. Designed to interface with existing customer portals, SDP enables a significantly enhanced customer experience through navigation and interactivity, without exposing security vulnerabilities which could put the document contents at risk.

“Online presentation of documents is not a new concept.” says Wright, “The innovation of this solution lies in the ability to present a document that has full navigation and interactivity as if it were a highly personalized, self-contained website.”

Striata’s document security products are highly relevant to the challenges facing organizations operating under the burgeoning threat of data security or privacy breaches.

The customer experience of these solutions is a seamless one, adds Wright, as both the storage capability and the presentation layer are designed to integrate into existing customer interfaces (portals, mobile apps), enabling customers to serve themselves in a secure environment.

In addition to the customer experience benefits, the solution is designed to keep the contents of the document secure, as well as to ensure that it cannot be exploited to reach any other documents. Says Wright, “The user receives a secure, independent URL that can access only the relevant document, and then only for a period of time. Once the link expires, the document is no longer viewable.”

This is useful in the scenario where the document recipient wants to share the contents of a document temporarily with a third party such as a broker or tax consultant. The ‘time to live’ feature is a further way of securing the information by limiting the period of time it is available to be accessed.

There are multiple opportunities to apply the technology for secure online document presentation. For example, the user receives a secure PDF by email, opens it with a password and then wants to interrogate or drill down into the data. The user clicks on a link inside the secure PDF and is presented immediately with a fully interactive representation of the data. Graphing, sorting and embedded data files are all available.”