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SAICA's eBilling Strategy - An Innovative Money Saver

Published on 08 Mar 2006
SAICA Implements Striata eBilling

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), which has over 30,000 members, uses the Striata eBilling Suite for the delivery of its electronic invoices and statements, resulting in significant savings on paper, printing and delivery.

“The Striata eBilling Suite allows for the immediate delivery of member invoices through a more cost-effective channel,” says Alison Treadaway, Director, at Striata, specialist developer of eBilling and eMarketing software. “Automating the ebilling process has already provided the Institute with an impressive return on investment.”

A key benefit of Striata’s eBilling Suite is its detailed activity reports, which provides SAICA with valuable information regarding delivered and undelivered statements. This enables SAICA to maintain the integrity of their member records by providing immediate reports on failed deliveries.

“SAICA currently distributes approximately 4,000 member statements per quarter, and is achieving a phenomenal 98% delivery rate by email,” says Treadaway. “The eBilling Suite has proven itself to be an efficient and cost-effective means of communication for SAICA.”

In addition to the member statements, SAICA sends out daily seminar invoices, amounting to approx 5,000 emailed documents per month.

The e-mail invoices are almost identical in appearance to their print counterparts, allowing SAICA to maintain its brand integrity.

Concludes Treadaway, “Electronic communication is the best way for the Institute to interact with its members, and the majority of members will have an email address, and we expect the adoption of ebilling amongst members to grow.”