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FinovateAsia: Striata to show how customers achieve over 60% paperless adoption

Published on 29 Oct 2012
Striata At FinovateAsia

Striata, a global leader in paperless communication, will be demonstrating how its powerful interactive PDF bill is successfully driving paper turn off, at *FinovateAsia, in Singapore on 06 November 2012. “Most banks and large companies have developed online eDocument solutions without real success. Our ‘push’ email delivery solution continually delivers record-breaking figures of paperless adoption,” says Keith Russell, Sales Director, Striata Asia Pacific, ” The key to successful paper turn-off is giving customers an alternative that’s better, more secure and is just as easy as opening an envelope. Preferably in just one click.”

Russell says the barriers to paper adoption include complex registration processes, inconvenient eDocument delivery/retrieval processes and a lack of customer education. “Striata continues to focus on customer convenience and ease of use. At FinovateAsia, we will show billers how they can drive paperless adoption by utilizing the power of email. Our new interactive PDF delivers an added value experience for the end user that assists the biller in driving eDocument adoption and paper turn off.

The bill is delivered directly to the customer’s inbox – all that is required is an email address and then the paper turn off consent process can be built into the interactive email bill. This process has enabled Striata to achieve adoption rates in excess of 60%,” explains Russell.

“The Secure PDF opens with a dialog box in the customer’s existing PDF reader with no software download required. We will also demonstrate how our ‘shared secret’ technology eliminates the need for customers to remember usernames and passwords. Payment can be facilitated directly off the face of the PDF, without having to visit a website. Our interactive PDF Bill delivers an added value experience for the end user, enabling navigation, multiple ‘virtual pages’; sorting of data; interactive graphs; grouping of data; animations and videos .”

” We will also be demonstrating our mobile one click payment functionality, which is perfectly timed to meet the needs for the growing demand for full mobile capability. Bill recipients are now not only able to view their bill on-the-go via their email enabled mobile devices but can also make an instant one click payment – delivering the ultimate in customer convenience. Mobile payment will further enhance companies’ eBilling ROI through quicker payments.

“Our powerful interactive PDF bill, with its integrated, registration- free adoption process (eConsent); shared password security; instant dispute capability, and mobile one click pay will definitely move the goalposts for paper turn-off in Asia with adoption rates of 20%+ per year being within reach,” concludes Russell.

About FinovateAsia

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