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It’s time to improve consistency in your customer messaging - but where to start?

It’s time to improve consistency in your customer messaging

Organizational teams tasked with overseeing customer experience (CX) have many channels to manage –  a key one being digital communication. While a business’s communication management is typically siloed into functional areas – such as billing, payment, operations and marketing; the customer experience takes the shape of a journey that cuts through these siloes.

The customer doesn’t care that a promotional message is sent by sales, an on-boarding message  by marketing and that their bill is sent by finance. They are engaging with your brand – and they expect the milestones and touchpoints in the journey to be coherent.

As a business grows and matures, customer journeys can become fractured by inconsistent communication.  With the increasing importance of customer experience as a differentiator, it’s imperative that organizations align all communication to create a positive and consistent CX.

Watch a short snippet from our webinar to help you get started on improving your customer messaging:

Our experts opinion:

Getting where you want to be (consistent, valuable customer communication), requires a full understanding of where you currently are.

Completing a messaging audit will help you to:

  • Create a visual representation of every message – welcome emails, newsletters, bills, confirmations – put them all up on a wall or digital board
  • Note where these messages are consistent in salutation, tone, design and where differences might fracture the customer experience  
  • Assign communications to buckets – such as billing, payments, marketing and operational – in order to prioritize fixing the most frequent
  • Identify missing communications that might create gaps in your customer’s experience


Elizabeth Stephen

Elizabeth Stephen

VP of Customer Engagement, The Americas

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