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Does your digital communication need a health check?

Published on 06 Jun 2019

Most organizations have to deal with legacy IT systems that are vital to their operations, but not necessarily the best fit for the job. The same goes for digital communication.

When an organization grows quickly or over a long period of time, fractures can develop amongst its legacy communications, through inconsistencies in the value proposition, frequency, tone, branding and call-to-action.

Sending disparate, inconsistent communications to a customer can cause confusion, mistrust and worst case . . itchy feet.

How can you make sure that your digital communications are not fracturing your customer experience?

Our expert’s opinion:

Understanding the status quo is the first step to defining a cohesive, customer-centric strategy.

One method to achieve this, is to complete an audit of your existing digital communication. An audit will help to:

  1. Map all the digital communication you are currently sending customers
  2. Identify the high priority touchpoints and review key elements, such as value proposition, tone, branding and frequency
  3. See where there are gaps in your communication and  plan a strategy to rectify
  4. Develop a set of digital guidelines to ensure consistent, on-brand messages, regardless of which department is sending the message

A thorough audit will help you to identify quick win projects to show incremental improvements (good for getting buy-in), as well as form the basis of your long term strategy for enhanced digital communication.

Mia Papanicolaou

Mia Papanicolaou

COO, The Americas

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