Globally applicable eInvoicing solutions

As eInvoicing gathers momentum, businesses are faced with an increasing number of requests to provide their bills to each customer’s preferred eInvoicing portal. You know that your bill has been received and that all the required information has been included, but the problem is the time and resources it now takes to manually input the data into each customer’s einvoicing portal. The value of eInvoicing to businesses is therefore undisputable.

There are over 400 companies offering eInvoicing solutions in Europe, meaning that companies sending invoices to business customers have to integrate with potentially hundreds of different systems and portals. What these billers really require is an eInvoicing solution that provides flexible output formats, while meeting the various eInvoicing standards.

EIPP has to date been associated with an ‘it’s your problem’ input strategy

Electronic Invoice Presentation and Payment (EIPP) has been focused on the building and managing of self-service processes; using a manual or automated ‘upload your bill’ strategy.

Whilst the invoice receipt side is constantly being improved, the invoice generation side has been left behind. Businesses are fast discovering that navigating the eInvoicing data streams can be a full time job.

Striata’s EIPP solution focuses on providing a flexible output format that meets the requirements of various eInvoicing portals

Striata’s EIPP connectors deliver your eInvoices to the major eInvoicing hubs around the world, whilst delivering a secure eBill to the rest of your customers. Striata’s flexible output formats are able to provide each portal’s required format (EDI, XML, SOAP) without having to “belong” to or install portal software.

This solution is ideal for your large business customers, and in fact all customers who generate more than 5 or 6 eInvoices per month.

Advantages of Striata’s email invoice presentment and payment solution

  • eInvoices are delivered in both machine and human readable format.
  • No action is required by the business customer to receive the invoices.
  • Detailed ‘invoice presentment and payment’ can be delivered, without requiring a website visit.
  • Flexible output formats means invoice data capture is eliminated at the eInvoicing hub.
  • Disputed line items are easily, instantly and electronically managed. After dispute submission, re-invoicing is instant and automatic.
  • Payment can be made directly from the invoice – a securely encrypted email attachment – this is optional for the customer.
  • Multiple file types can be securely personalized, packaged, encrypted and compressed into a single email:
    • An invoice summary page
    • The invoice content & detail for each account
    • Data files for upload into their accounting system
    • Any regulatory required content
    • Print quality copies of each invoice
    • Graphical and sorting functionality
  • Incentive trade discounts, through early settlements are easily automated.

As eInvoicing gathers momentum, more and more businesses will be required to spend more time and resources billing their customers accordingly. The solution is to implement a flexible eBilling solution that can deliver the billing information in the required format, which ultimately streamlines the eBilling to eInvoicing process.