White Paper: Customer experience in telecoms

Telcos must focus on CX or risk further erosion of customer relationship

Telcos risk deteriorating customer relationships if they don’t focus on CX

For some years, telcos have been pushed further away from a direct customer relationship. Although connectivity is vital, what the customer really values are the services offered by OTT providers – the likes of Facebook, Amazon and Google. Telcos have become an invisible means to an end, while the OTT players are developing strong, loyal relationships. 

Telcos need to “fight their way back up the relationship chart with users” and the way to do this is to focus on enhancing customer experience through digital communication.

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Key points discussed:

  • Customer experience in telecoms – post 2020
  • What do telecom customers want?
  • Why communication is key to a great CX
  • How improving communication can enhance CX

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