Insurers need to embrace artificial intelligence to enhance their customer communications and CX, or risk business stagnation

While insurance companies watch and learn, other industries such as banking and retail, have recognized the advantages of improved customer engagement and focused on adopting technologies, such as AI and ML, to enhance their customer communications and ultimately, customer experience.  

Meanwhile, consumer behavior regarding insurance products is changing rapidly.  

Innovation in other industries has exposed consumers to the customer experience they now expect across the board: highly personalized products and services, supported by relevant, easy to understand and contextual information – instantly on hand, via any channel they choose. 

Creating a great customer experience relies heavily on communication, and insurers are traditionally bad at communicating. 

Being digital communication specialists, we’re particularly interested in how AI can be applied to enhance communication and ultimately build a better customer experience. At differing levels, emerging technologies bring us closer to delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

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  • Why insurers need to embrace AI
  • How AI will change the future of insurance
  • How AI will impact customer experience
  • Why data is more important than ever
  • The impact of AI on how insurers communicate with customers
  • How Striata can help you implement AI-driven communication

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