Secure Document Presentation

A highly secure method of providing online access to information contained in confidential documents

Designed to interface with your existing customer portal and mobile apps, the SDP enables an enhanced customer experience through interactivity, without exposing security vulnerabilities which could put personal documents at risk.

Your customers have the ability to view their documents as either an interactive web or PDF experience, without sacrificing security.

The solution supports the presentation of any type of electronic document format including PDF, HTML, image files, spreadsheets through multiple access points.

4 Reasons why your business should implement the SDP solution:

  1. Fast implementation: by integrating our back-end with existing customer interfaces
  2. Compliance: Many layers of security that comply with the strictest of data privacy requirements
  3. Satisfied customers: Improved service levels by enabling customers to service themselves
  4. Security: A high level of focus on the protection of information during processing

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