Insurers need a single view of customer communication to improve customer experience

The customer experience (CX) has overtaken product and price as a key differentiator in the battle for customers. This is especially significant in the insurance sector, where a historical focus on risk has sometimes led to a neglected CX.

It is therefore essential for insurers to build digital capabilities that deliver seamless customer journeys and hyper-personalized experiences. This will ensure they remain competitive in the digital-dominated future. And they can use digital communication channels to achieve this.

“Engaged customers are six times more likely to try a new product or service from their preferred brand, four times more likely to have referred a brand to their friends, family and connections, and twice as likely to make a purchase with their preferred brand, even when a competitor has a better product or price.” ~ Rosetta

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Key points discussed:

  • Why insurers need a single view of customer communication
  • Customer touchpoints, journeys and life cycles
  • The critical role of communication
  • Why is personalized communication so important?
  • The risk of a fractured CX
  • Chasing a seamless, consistent experience
  • How Striata can help

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