Is your organization doing enough to ensure the confidential information you send customers remains safe?

Consumer trust is a major challenge in today’s digital age, where cyber-crime escalates increases in both volume and sophistication each year.

This, coupled with the introduction of data privacy legislation has made organizations up their investment in securing personal information while it’s in their care – during processing or stored on their systems.

Organizations must do everything in their power to ensure the safety of their customers’ confidential documents

While organizations are increasingly aware of the need to protect their customers’ personal information while under their care, there are constant threats to that information when it resides on the customer’s personal devices.

Aside from the threat of physical device theft, there is also the continually escalating risk of cyberattacks from various directions.

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  • How to protect your customers against phishing
  • Tips on mobile phone security

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According to Kaspersky Labs, the number of number of unique malicious objects detected by its web antivirus solution reached 24,610,126 in 20194. 85% Of web threats detected were malicious URLs making the risk of a customer unwittingly clicking on a URL an ever present threat to data protection.

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