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‘Push’ eBilling greatly enhances customer convenience and dramatically increases eBilling adoption. This allows you to achieve reduced DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and an enhanced ROI from your self-service and electronic communication initiatives.

Delivered faster, opened sooner, paid quicker, Striata eBilling can help you:


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Unlike traditional online billing solutions, Striata delivers feature-rich, registration-free, navigable secure documents directly to the customer’s email inbox (‘push’ methodology).  Furthermore, customers can make an instant one-click payment directly from within the email bill – which can also be done via their mobile phone...Read more about our innovative mobile email billing solution

How does Striata ‘Push’ eBilling work?


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Get instant electronic payment with Striata BillPay

Your customer can make an instant, one-click electronic payment without having to visit a single web page!

  • This process is uncomplicated, customer-friendly, as well as secure
  • The seamless integration between bill presentment and payment drives faster payments, which in turn reduces DSO
  • Mobile ready!
  • It reduces the impact that printing and delivery of paper bills has on the environment

general process flow of the entire payment process2

If you would like to learn more about Striata’s ‘push’ eBilling solution, go to our ‘How does ‘push’ eBilling work’ page